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When your website has been compromised by attackers, it is important to restore it to working order as quickly as possible. TechBhole works with the industry leader in WordPress security, threat intelligence and malware removal. Their threat intelligence protects millions of websites from compromise every day, Research is used by other vendors to help secure their own products and customers.

Our team are credentialed, highly trained security professionals who have the newest and best available data and processes available to them, with the full support of our threat intelligence team behind them. Our team will recover your site, repair the infection, and investigate root intrusion vectors while clearing reputation blacklists and affected search engine results.

As standard procedure, we provide you a detailed incident analysis, including how the attackers gained access, what they did once inside your systems, what was affected, what we had to clean, and recommendations and procedures to secure your systems against future incidents.

Our Site Cleaning Services Include:

Clean the infection.

Security Analyst will investigate how the Attackers gained entry.

Remove any malicious code and malware links in your posts, pages, comments and source code.

Provide an in-depth report of the infection removal and investigation.

Work with over 20 search engine, anti-malware, and anti-spam blacklists like Google and Symantec to remove your site.

Provide a detailed checklist to protect the site from future attacks.

Covers unlimited pages on a single WordPress (or other CMS) installation for just $590 USD (44,000 INR)


One-Year Security Plugin Premium Subscription Included!

As part of this service we will install Best Security Plugin With Premium Subscription onto your
WordPress site and include a one-year subscription, a $99 value.

Work guaranteed for 1 year from service only if post-service recommendations are followed. Cleaning a site requires access to the admin area of your site, FTP login, and control panel access. We also need SSH access if available. After paying you will be redirected to a secure page to enter your login information that is sent encrypted to our systems. Only authorized Security Analysts have access to this information. We are not able to provide service for sites with certain configurations including those hosted on Windows servers. Additional charges may apply for sites over 10GB in size. 
Please note that we will contact you within 24-48 hours after receiving payment as described above. For immediate security measures (within 4 hours and 24/7 available), we have a separate plan which you can consider by contacting us.




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