How we protect your privacy?

Sometimes, you might have thought whether it’s safe if you enter your credit card number or any other payment related information during ordering an item on

Let’s break it down into simple answer!

Yes, You are protected at our end!

Because, when you go to purchase any item from TechBhole, you might have found that we have integrated payment gateways (Razorpay and Paytm).


We process your payment through the secure payment gateways of Paytm and Razorpay, which handle this difficult task.

So, all of the important info is stored into the servers of these payment gateway providers thus your are secure as far as their servers are secure which we think are secured enough as they are Tech Giants.

On the other hand, we collect your email address, phone numbers, company name, address. These information’s are stored into the servers of TechBhole, which are secured too. Our team is working day and night to make your such information secure as possible but in case of a mishap or any data breach, we would inform you through your email addresses with the steps to stay secure. But, you should not worry in that case too as any data breach would not be able to do any financial harm to you because we do not store payment information on our servers as we mentioned earlier. If you are too concerned towards the security of your account on TechBhole as well as other websites on the internet. Here’s a short checklist:

  • Use different passwords for your work and personal accounts.
  • Use password generator and manager like google to generate strong and unique passwords.
  • Never share any OTP or any other details with anyone even if they are pretending to be the officials of the respective authority.
  • Do not transact on the websites which do not have a padlock (🔒) in their address bar. (Don’t worry, we have one)
  • Do not perform any activity which is looking mischievous.

That’s all we have to tell you about the privacy of your data on TechBhole.

Keep Learning, Stay Safe.

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